The New Era of Online Shopping Is Coming


CondeHouse バーチャルショップ

The new era of online shopping is coming. You can now see all our shops in Japan by using the VR system. Please click on each shop to see more details.

Asahikawa | Dooh | Tokyo | Yokohama | Nagoya | Osaka

CondeHouse Asahikawa

CondeHouse バーチャルショップ

Our headquarters located in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Everything started here in 1968.

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CondeHouse Dooh

CondeHouse バーチャルショップ

Located in the heart of Sapporo City, Hokkaido.

See 2F of Dooh Shop

See 3F of Dooh Shop

CondeHouse Tokyo

CondeHouse バーチャルショップ

Our only shop located in the capital city of Japan – Tokyo. The most elegant furniture shop in the concrete jungle.

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CondeHouse Yokohama

CondeHouse バーチャルショップ

What else is worth visiting besides Yokohama Chinatown and Gundam Factory Yokohama? Look no further it is us CondeHouse Yokohama.

See Yokohama Shop

CondeHouse Nagoya

CondeHouse バーチャルショップ

Located in the fourth largest city in Japan – Nagoya. The heart of the Japan’s automobile industry.

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CondeHouse Osaka

CondeHouse バーチャルショップ

Our biggest shop located in western Japan. Don’t just come to Osaka for takoyaki or okonomiyaki, stop by our shop too!

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