FOUR Chair



The four knights gathered to create a chair aging beautifully and meeting the conditions required for a work chair.

During the COVID, as remote work becomes more common, people come to realize the importance of chairs for work at home. That was a momentum for the development of the FOUR chair. Indeed, a wide variety of office chairs good in design and function already existed before that, but few that fit in the atmosphere of living and dining rooms at home.



The elaborate and delicate design of the chair is the result of the collaboration of the four powers: namely, Actus and CondeHouse for development and manufacturing; Jin Kuramoto for design; KOKUYO for technical supervision. Please enjoy the functional chair made of wood, aluminum, and leather that show beautiful aging.



The backrest is made of Hokkaido ash in three colors. The frame is available in two types of finish: chrome-plated silver finish and satin black finish. Users can choose according to their interior design. When going with a dining table, the chair wears elegance in addition to beauty, different from normal office chairs.



Moving the body even during sitting. Ergonomically, that is the essential condition of a good chair. The armrest width of the FOUR chair is slightly wider than its seat, which makes a space enough for various moves like working, studying, eating, and just relaxing. The four back stays supporting the backrest are designed to avoid the spine from hitting anywhere even when sitting deeply, which enables users to make a comfortable posture.




Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1976. He graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 1999 with a major in industrial design. After working as an industrial designer for a major Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer, he opened “JINKURAMOTO STUDIO” in Meguro, Tokyo in 2008. With an approach that communicates the concept and story of a project through clear modeling expression, he has been involved in the development of designs in a variety of genres from furniture, home appliances, eyewear to automobiles. He has provided designs for a wide range of clients not only in Japan and also abroad. He emphasizes a practical development process in which he repeats trial and error of function and structure while directly touching materials and ingredients, and his “studio” where prototyping takes place is always full of inspiration and discovery. He has received numerous awards including iF Design Award, Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, etc. He has been a jury member of Good Design Award since 2015 (except for 2018).

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