Condehouse 2022 Catalogue USA

7 From Hokkaido with care & respect With each piece taking weeks to complete, it's made to last a lifetime. Or, rather, three lifetimes – materially, constructionally and in terms of its design. We’re definitely not in the obsolescence game. Sustainability is built into the enduring visual and tactile longevity of all of our products. What’s more, we’ve been planting oak trees on our own land since the turn of the millennium in an attempt to replace the natural resources we use. ‘The nature of Hokkaido is the very DNA of the CondeHouse brand,’ is how our company president Noriyoshi Someya puts it. We’re ever-conscious of the amount of materials we use, too, in both our solid-wood and veneer construction. Our bent wood, for example, comprises strips of veneer laminated together and shaped in large presses, rather than steam-bent, resulting in the most efficient use of every tree. Photo: Henry Phillips