Condehouse 2022 Catalogue USA

5 From Hokkaido with care & respect The CondeHouse story is one of nature, place and a steadfast commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our solid-wood products, produced on the forest-rich Japanese island of Hokkaido – the country’s traditional furniture-making centre – are a kind of ‘second nature’, where timeless design and locally drawn production and artisanal expertise ensure the fullest expression of living materials in finished chairs and tables that last a lifetime. This catalogue features an edit of our most iconic pieces, all of which consciously go against the grain of fleeting design trends – instead marrying the ageless beauty of natural wood grain with pared-down forms authored by the likes of celebrated designers Naoto Fukasawa, Nendo, Peter Maly and Michael Schneider. Their visual ease and rich haptic quality make them equally at home in an array of residential and contract settings the world over. But, wherever they go, they always take with them the essence of Hokkaido.