From Hokkaido with care & respect

CONDE HOUSE celebrates our 50th anniversary in 2018.
As we enter a new era, we will continue to work with each of our customers, helping them to build a comfortable life that is at one with both nature and the modern world around them.
To mark this occasion, we have created a new slogan to light the way as we continue our journey: “Craft your story.”

We build furniture by the forest, with a keen sense of gratitude for what nature has given us.
The beautiful forests of Hokkaido are the starting point of everything CONDE HOUSE is.
We use Hokkaido wood for as much of our work as possible, using every last piece of wood to create items that will be part of your daily life for a long time.
Treating the forest well is at the heart of everything we do.

Excellent designs come from the creator’s hard work and willingness to accept challenges.
In our factories, cutting-edge processing tools are operated alongside elaborate handcrafting.
CONDE HOUSE’s factory is a sophisticated culmination of manual work and technology,developed through a series of ventures into new forms of craftsmanship.
That’s why designers around the world know that “if anyone can do it, CONDE HOUSE can!”

Craftsmanship that shares Japanese esthetics with the world.
Respect for nature and consideration for people are important Japanese values,
and we have applied these principles to our craftsmanship throughout all of our years in business.
The heart of Japan is reflected in our gentle shapes and intricate functions, and we believe that these values enable us to make everyone’s life more comfortable.

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