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What is in common in this collection is linear simplicity, which is well expressed in many parts such as finely upholstered backrest corners and straight-lined table legs. As seen in the silhouette of the low cabinet, and in the function that a part of the backrest is removed to work as arm cushions, it's simple but still dynamic and functional.
Sofa 240
FB One Arm 120 R
Sofa Bench R
Japanese Ash DGY / Zero BL F5


Atilla Kuzu
Atilla Kuzu
In every object so far, I try to provide a different approach by examining all previous examples and questioning their accepted practises and usages to capture a simple starting point for design. I then apply a form from the endless permutations possible in geometry. While I do this, important criteria regarding the corect relation of users to the product are formed in the effort to provide new ways of usage without alienating users. In general I try to ensure that products are contemporary, modern, and ageless, and that they bridge the time when they were desgined and the present, hoping the impact of their design and creation can be preserved for long periods.
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